The Incubator is an online environment for  development of strategies aimed at improving the labour market in the cross-border region. Here you havethe opportunity for joint development of strategies for improving the labour market in the cross-border region. Create a topic on which to discuss common issues and exchange views and experiences together, make suggestions and advice in connection with improving the labour  environment in the cross-border region. You will get access to materials and resources related to the tax and legal framework and doing business in the region in three sectors: Information Technology, Tourism and Agriculture. Registered users have access to the section.


Legal Guide "Doing Business in the cross-border region. Legal and Tax Framework in Romania and Bulgaria"


Guide "Common Conditions and Regulations in the Field of Labour in the cross-border region"


Strategy to support investments and employment opportunities in the cross-border area


Comparative analysis on the labour market and the economic environment in the Danube cross-border regions in Bulgaria